No Time For Fame

Original indie rock

No Time For Fame is original indie rock with catchy hooks, crunchy guitars, and a lot of fun. Entertaining, unpredictable, genre-spanning.

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Chris Ash, vocals, guitar, tenor sax, accordion

Mark Hovey, guitar

Dan Mills, drums

Mike Meehan, guitar, harmonica

Jason Pimlott, bass

No Time For Fame is an indie rock band from Minnesota on a mission to create and entertain.  They focus on originals, and add a cover here and there when they can make it their own.  They bring DIY rock and roll from the upper Midwest, with crunchy guitars, hooks for miles, and an energetic stage presence to keep a crowd engaged and guessing about what will come next. 

Vocalist Chris Ash, guitarist Mark Hovey, and drummer Dan Mills have been playing together for 10 years. Mike Meehan and Jason Pimlott, also music veterans, joined in early spring 2016 to form No Time For Fame. Since then, they have been writing new music and playing out regularly to local crowds. 

First and foremost, No Time For Fame is built around love for music. These guys love music. They have listened to, played, loved, hated, debated, dissected, created, and been fans of music in a really big way for a long time. They make music they love, they love to play the music they make, and they want to share it. 

Having multiple song writers in the band allows their setlist to span multiple styles and genres. Variety is their specialty.  Power pop, alternative, college radio, classic rock, funk, reggae, blues, and post punk can be found throughout their songs. They bend musical styles to match the story of every song in order to shape the mood and atmosphere.

No Time For Fame is a five-piece Minnesota band. Members hail from Northfield, Chaska, Hopkins, and Cottage Grove.  Their shows are energetic, fun, unpredictable and engaging. It's clear they enjoy the music they play when they are on stage.

This bands goal is to bring great original songs to audiences who love music as much as they do.  Be sure to catch a live show and share in the fun!

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